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Hello everyone,
I want to thank everyone that has been coming to this site, it really has had a huge boom of traffic, great e-mails and even the comments are starting to pick up. Thank you again also, for dealing with me getting everything set up with this whole wordpress thing, I am starting to get the hang of it, and will get back to my usual once a week review but this week I had to take off, catch up the old stuff first : )

Long story short, 500 people came to the site in less than 3 weeks, once we hit 1000 people I will get a prize ready. I do not know what it is, so leave a comment and we will see if anyone has a good prize idea!


The La Flor Domincana was a cigar that I picked up while traveling around looking at a few of the shops in the St. Louis area. Now, since we are blessed with only 2 or 3 decent shops in the area, I took my time and looked at everything they had and ended up picking up quite a few cigars. For some reason, I don’t remember picking up this smoke, I got home and went through my bag of cigars, and as I was placing them in the humidor I thought to myself,� I don’t recognize this stick. Since this is a new cigar I had never tried (not the best idea for a review) I decided to also experiment with a new location, Bee Tree Park which is located about 15 minutes from my house, but I was not impressed, it just seemed like I was dealing with the surroundings more then enjoying the smoke. Oh well, it all goes to the viewers, if ya like it, I’ll try another outing.

Construction: The wrapper had a slight shine to it, the oils making the light mocha brown wrapper stand out against the black and red wrapper. The cigar is well made, evenly packed throughout and was finished by an almost perfect triple cap.

Pre-light:� The pre-light draw of this cigar was full of the natural tobacco flavor, slightly hinted by cedar and a slight sweet note I still cant place

Smell:� This cigar had a nice light wood sent to it, very similar to a shed.

1st Third:

The first third started off� well, nice in the medium body range with a� light wood flavor that has a sweet undertone that I just can’t put my finger on.� This portion of the cigar really didn’t dazzle me much, every now and then I would pick up a slight nut flavor, the body slowly increasing as well but this first third, although enjoyable, never really stood out. One thing I did notice was that on the first couple of retrohales (smoke through your sinuses) had an almost sour taste, nice, but still a sour note.

2nd Third:

In the second third, nuts and wood took the main stage, the smoke was also starting to build seeming to� lightly coat my taste buds. The sweet flavor that was mentioned earlier has all but left except for a slight lingering effect from the wrapper on my lips. I notice that the cigar is starting to slow down on the burn but picking up inheat, a leather flavor starting to creap through the haze. With the retrohale, the sour notes are gone and a very mild pepper sensation has filled the void.

Last Third:

The profile of the last third was my favorite, the cigar was burning a little warm even with me babying it. The main flavors of leather and a dark roasted nut completly cover your mouth, it is very easy to pick out these flavors and linger for some time. As I neared the end of this last third, I started picking out the flavors from before; Nuts, Wood, Sweet undertones.


I’ve already gone out and purchased more, highly enjoyable.

Sorry there are no pictures for this review, the video was finished and uploaded but before I could set up the written review, hard drive took on a mind of its own. I will eventually get to re-do the review and get pics, until then enjoy the video.

Sorry there are no pictures for this review, the video was finished and uploaded but before I could set up the written review, hard drive took on a mind of its own. I will eventually get to re-do the review and get pics, until then enjoy the video.

Liga Privada No. 9 By Drew Estates

Through twists and turns in the road and a chance occurance in a small town this cigar found its way into my possession. I live in St. Louis and there are not a lot of shops that sell cigars in the area, so I went looking for a place called ‘The Cigar Bar’ in a town about 45 minutes to an hour from my house, logical, bar that sells cigars right? I show up at this location, and sure enough, Just a bar with a sign above it in the shape of a cigar. Awesome.

So I decided to walk around the town a little, since I’m already out here might as well do something productive. As I go down the street for 30-45 minutes, I noticed this shop that caught my eye, tobacco road. Laugh, but my first thought was the company that makes high end belts and why in the world they would be in a small town like this. Shaking off that crazy notion, I realized this was a tobacco shop, just what I had been looking for! I go inside, specials and assistance are offerd as I enter the store, a good sized walk in humidor on the left catches my eye. I hardly nod my head in the shop keepers direction, informing him I am simply looking as I speed into the humidor, awaiting the crisp, cedar blast while opening the door.

Once inside, the keeper made his way in and after a decent discussion, pointed out a few cigars I may be interrested in. This cigar he had received roughly a week prior and he personally has gone through many of them and had them set aside for himself. He told me the common story we all hear of limited production and how less than 50 stores in the country sell the cigar and once its done its done, no more. Well, I bit.

None the less, I tell the story because this cigar, to me, was the needle in a hay stack. I live in St. Louis, this cigar was in a small town shop 45 minutes one way from home, and even once I was in the right shop, it took me talking with the shop keeper before he pulled these from the side. Milo’s Tobacco Road in Edwardville Illinois carries these.

Every cigar has a story, every smoke a memory

Liga Privada No 9

Construction :

This cigar is very well made, and the thing that caught my attention the most was a few large veins that ran down the cigar. They were not raised like one would expect, but rather ‘lines’ in the sand-paper like wrapper.

First Third:

The cigar started off with a lot of resistance, but through this I was able to find some wood, earth and a slight pepper sensation. After 10 minutes or so the draw opened up and was providing perfect amounts of smoke. The taste reminded me a lot of paper but was followed by a slight hint of leather. This wood and leather flavor was starting to coat my mouth, and through this base flavor a sweet note or two was easily detected. At first I thought this was a hint from their Acid line, cigar dipped in sugar. Luckily for everyone, this is not the case.

2nd third:

The second third was a lot of the first third, although a certain dry sensation had me constantly pulling from my water. This didnt bother me, for the tastes kept me interrested. The wood turned into a nice, light charred wood flavor and the leather notes kept increasing but remained sweet. The thin mascara burn line held the ash perfect and required little to no help and held on for over an inch.

Towards the end of the second third the dry mouth went away, the charred wood and sweet leather remained and a slight flavor of nut started to take over, similar to cashews.

Last Third:

The last third really disappointed me, but that is mostly because the wrapper split open and I had to put it out early. Wood and Coffee remained in this last portion, but they started to pick up a bit more spice. I am still wondering if the last third was ‘tanted’ becasue of this crack, so only take this last portion as a grain of salt.

Cashews, Coffee, Wood (paper) remained in the part, the charred wood and sweet flavors had left and what remained was a good, low full body cigar. I was not ‘wowed’ by this cigar but at the same time, I would enjoy another just not at 10.00 a cigar.

And the Reason I stopped

I am trying to figure out how I can link to my old pages… well, I am quickly figuring out that I suck at this. I will be posting the old reviews, once a day, for the next few days until I am caught up, giving my reviews an archive. Once I am once track, I promise things will get much better.

Again, another thank you to Tom at , he really has been the biggest help, I can’t thank him enough.

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