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Well – as I am sure most of you have seen that this past week I have really slacked off and for that I do apologize. I am a resident of the United States, and I sure do love my holidays and time with the family especially since I am going to be married in early October next year so I have been taking extra advantages where I can. Early in December I will be off the 1st to the 11th – giving me ample time to build up my review back-log. With Christmas also coming up soon I have quite a few new cigars that I will be adding to the review list as well.
I am also closing in sooner and sooner on 3000 unique views and almost 500,000 requests – so I will see what we can figure out with a contest coming up soon.

Whole point – Don’t go away just yet, more reviews coming very very soon!

Cao Escaparate Ecuador

Size: 5 1/2? x 44 (Corona)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder and Filler: Honduras or Nicaragua
Strength: Mild
Price: Roughly $10.00 a stick

Behind the Stick:
I have to say Thank You first off, for this is cigar was sent to me via Corona Cigar Company and luckily enough becasue they are one of the very few retailers, if not the only retailer, that even carry this line. The Escaparate, known as the showcase line from CAO, comes in a few different wrappers and styles but always imparts a higher degree of quality and refinement than their already high quality blends. I guess you could say these are the prize winners that CAO has turned into an actual line.

CAO Escaparate Ecuador

When I first received this cigar I honestly took a second look, not only for the Ecuador across the band but also for the dark Corona Cigar Company band across the foot – a nice touch I’ve seen on quite a few cigars they sell.

The construction was well, but nothing to write home about. The wrapper was not cracked, held together and really that’s all one can ask for – haha. The cigar had a slightly spongy feel to it, although it rebounded quickly and did not distort the shape, one could easily tell there may need to be a bit more tobacco put into these. One thing I did notice that was truly flawless – the burn. Out of the few sticks I have had, none of them had any issues with the burns what-so-ever.

Something I have been noticing with the CAO line more and more, their cigars are not overly complex but rather have a certain flavor profile from the start that slowly builds and becomes more rich and enjoyable, but not necessarily a ‘note change’ at certain points. That being said, I highly enjoyed the light coffee and roasted peanut flavor – especially towards the middle and last third when the coffee notes too up a notch and became more of an espresso type flavor. Not much to say about the flavors here, other then highly enjoyable!

CAO Escaparate Ecuador

The entire Escaparate line really is where the CAO line seems to flex their muscles and create a great grouping of cigars. This Ecuador version is no different in that the flavors, although not overly complex, are very rich and satisfying. Each stick goes for about $10.00 a piece so for the price point I could not justify this as a daily smoke but as many other sites have noted, this is easily a great pick for a special occasion smoke.

Every Cigar Has a Story, Every Smoke A Memory

The Cigar Nut Contest!

Thank you to everyone who entered this contest but the winner has been decided – Jacob K! Please contact me with your physical address and I will have them shipped to you asap!

Keep returning, more contests to come soon!

CAO La Traviata

Size: Intrepido (Churchill 750)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Cameroon
Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican
Strength: Medium to Full
Price: Just under $6.00 a piece

Behind the Stick:

This is a stick that was produced by the CAO company and as many have heard, they were wanting to create a new cigar – and like many other companies have felt the pull back to the Cuban roots. For those who are not familiar with the story of La Traviata I’ll try my best to keep it brief. The original brand began in the early 1900′s in Cuba and was resurrected by the CAO company as keeps in accordance with the original artwork from 1901-1904. Tim Ozgener, President of the company, reports this cigar was thought of after smoking numerous classic Cuban Cigars and that they were trying to recreate the smell, taste and look of the originals.

CAO La Traviata


Now I personally must say, when I look at this cigar and hold it I would not consider it to be mistaken for a Cuban, but I can say as far as cigars go – they are gorgeous. Very appealing, very oily shine and dark brown coloring mixed with medium veins and a perfect packing has caused me to think twice about making these my daily smokes – no joke. I always commend CAO on their cigars – not because they create WOW cigars but they create cigars I will spend my money on over and over again.


Right from the start, this cigar does nothing but perform. Medium body from the beginning with a strong background of mild leather and cedar which is followed by a nice mellow black pepper – especially on the retrohale. The second third carried a few more nut flavors and the smoke started to take on a more cream type feel. The last third carried on as the second, with the leather flavors slowly building till the end.

CAO La Traviata


As I have said before, this is not a WOW cigar, but like almost every other CAO I’ve ever had they have been very consistent and very well priced. I prefer the flavors that are offered in this stick and a price of around 6.00 a stick and a burn time of just under 2 hours – Honestly you can’t go wrong. A lot of people have hyped up this stick and at first I was along with a few who thought it was just a fad or a hiccup. I will be keeping a few of this around at all times and I suggest you do the same!

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

I gathered the link to this video via Dylan Austin – One of the big power players and the director of marketing for Camacho Cigars. We have all heard about Matt Booth – if it is for the jewelery line or if it is for his newer cigar and lifestyle brand or for some of us just as a fellow Marine. Almost any company that comes out of LA seems to always have a special flair or certain edge and Room 101 is no different. Here is a clip of Matt doing an interview with, I highly suggest you check out the site for their full review, but it has been edited to exhibit a bit more of his personal and brand image. Check it out.

Every cigar has a story, Every smoke a memory – Perhaps an added Conspiracy for Room 101!

So, it’s that time again – Giving away free cigars!

The Cigar Nut

Many have been smoking cigars for a while and I hope that everyone here is either in the middle of or can remember when they caught the ‘cigar bug’. What I am referring to is when one beings the learning process of the cigar world, where they come from, how they are made, whats goes into it and most importantly the realization of how many cigars there actually are in the world – Not just Cubans. I personally have gotten bit by this bug twice, once when I first started smoking cigars and another when I started focusing on this website.

The Cigar Nut Contest

Include in this contest will be a few cigars the I personally found hard to locate and thus are the ‘Diamond In the Ruff’ in my eyes – I have done a review on both and feel that since I was able to locate them, share the wealth best I can. Two of the Cain F and a 3 pack coffin of the Punch Uppercut will be sent to the winner at the end of this contest, Thursday November 19th, 2009.

The Cigar Nut Contest

How to Win:

Leave a comment here about your ‘Diamond in the Ruff’ – A cigar that seemed almost impossible to locate – but NO Cubans, not everyone in the United States can find them in the first place. I will then put all the entries into a hat and pull a name on November 19th, 2009. That’s it. Oh yeah, include your E-mail also!

Cigar Nut Cain F and Punch Uppercut

Every Cigar has a story, every smoke a memory. – Make this yours!

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