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Size: 5 x 52 (Robusto) Wrapper: Cameroon Binder and Filler: Columbia and Nicaragua filler, Cameroon binder Strength: Medium Price: About $5.00 a single Behind The Stick: For some of us, the CAO brand has become more than just a brand that came up during the cigar ‘boom’ but more of a company that produces so many different cigars it is hard not to have at least a few in your humidor at all times. Personally I had heard of the LX2 but never the CX2 – Cameroon x’s 2 (wrapper…

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Illusione ~2~

Illusione ~2~ Size: 5.25 X 52 Wrapper: Nicaraguan Rosado Oscuro Corojo Binder: Nicaragaun Filler: Nicaragaun Price: $8 to $9 range Behind The Stick: I picked up this Illusione ~2~ at Just For Him in Springfield, Missouri which offers a fantastic selection of Illusione Cigars. Dion Giolito says, “The concept behind illusione cigars is relative to Faith in God and our constant struggle between good and evil.” He created the brand to recreate a specific taste profile from years past before the Sandinistas took over Nicaragua. It seems that Dion has…

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Macanudo Contest and Contest!

As some of you have seen recently, I had posted a press release about the offer Macanudo has to win two million dollars! Well, running with this idea, a friend of mine at General Cigar was nice enough to send me a few four packs to contest out, so lets get on with it right?!

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