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Gurkha E-News

Gurkha Gives Back Gurkha Cigars is a loyal supporter of the Eric Trump Foundation, a non-profit charity dedicated to improving the lives of children battling life-threatening medical conditions. Working in close conjunction with St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in New York, the Trump Foundation are committed to finding advance cures, research, treatment for children in need. “It’s an honor and a privilege to support such a worthy cause and giving back has always been a big part of the Gurkha ethos,” said Kaizad Hansotia, Chairman of Gurkha Cigar Group.

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The Nut’s Newsworthy Notes! Vista De Cuba, General Cigars, PI, Sweet -N- Freaked, Abacus, Senator, Cuchillas De Barbacoa, Cigirly

We all know that IPCPR has wrapped up for 2012 and although most of the ‘new items’ are already on shelves or en route – there are still some fun and interesting bits of information out there. I hope that everyone has taken their month off after the show, and that the gears are turning for next year’s convention and the months leading up to it. But – instead of talking about the past, lets talk about the future! First up today, is a cigar called ‘Vista De Cuba’ by…

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Updates In The Life Of The Cigar Nut! New Office, New Vehicle and New Cigars!

Yeah yeah yeah – I kinda fell off the page this month. One of the great things about having this as my hobby – I can take time off without catching too much shit, except for a hand full of you all haha! So you may be asking – what has taken you away from the reviews and the more frequent news updates? Short sweet and to the point – IPCPR came along and since I was not there, kinda hard to compete with the big dogs who did go.

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