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The Cigar Nut started in July of 2009 by David as as a way to quietly ensure that after marriage and children, there would be ‘leverage’ to continue smoking cigars on a regular basis. Over the years, The Cigar Nut has changed from a simple review site to a true Cigar Media outlet, all thanks to viewers like you.

Please take a moment to learn about the Writers here at The Cigar Nut!


I live in O’Fallon, Missouri – about 45 minutes West of St. Louis, Missouri. My wife and I recently had our first child, a girl – and while half my life is now spent collecting firearms for her high school years, the other half of my time is spent with family as much as I can with a few cigars mixed in here and there. I originally started The Cigar Nut in July of 2009 and while it originally was started as a hobby, it quickly became apparent that readers appreciated the unbiased, honest and accurate reviews.

I have been smoking cigars off and on since mid 2003 but actually turned it into a regular habit somewhere in 2007. I prefer the medium to dark body side of the cigar world, Nicaraguan cigars holding a special place in my heart. To me the real beauty and mystic of the cigar world is not only the community and people that can change your life, but the decades of experience and generations of knowledge that goes into each and every cigar we enjoy. The thrill of the experience with the people, the leaf and the conversations to follow are what keep us all coming back for more.

As always, please send me any and all feedback!

Jared E


I am native to Arkansas, but now live in Louisiana. I am a disabled veteran and proud of my time in the service! I have a wonderful wife and amazing son that have helped me through hard times! After graduating high school I attended Louisiana Tech University; majoring in Electrical Engineering. Following my schooling, I joined the Army until 2012!

I have been smoking cigars for about 5 years and love the people I have met over the years! My favorite sticks are: Padrons, DE Under Crown , and Commancho to just name a few! I love trying new sticks and finding a new and amazing experience with each one! I work for Cigar Bandits and of course write for The Cigar Nut . I hope you all enjoy the reviews and I look forward to teaching and learning from each of you!



Brandon Krause’s cigar journey began slightly before it was legal when his father grew tired of him asking for a cigar and handed him a Punch hoping for it to make him sick and go away. Well, 18yrs later Brandon enjoys cigars daily. These days Brandon is smoking mostly boutiques and new releases. Some of his go to cigars are anything Fuente, RoMaCraft, or Tatuaje. His favorite vitolas are lancero, corona, and any figurado.

Brandon currently lives in Texas with his wife and son. Brandon is a dedicated public servant that followed his father’s footsteps career wise as well and is a second generation firefighter. Brandon still enjoys smoking with his father and occasionally his wife, he is also teaching his mini me the ways of cigars but plans on sharing their first one on his son’s 18th birthday. You can contact Brandon at, any comment is welcomed!



My name is Maxwell J. Moubarek (Don’t ask what the “J” stands for because it’s not interesting and I won’t tell you!) and I reside in Las Vegas, Nevada where I’ve spent most of my life. I’ve been serious about smoking cigars for the past four years and it has become a deep passion of mine. For me, smoking cigars is not a hobby nor is it a lifestyle but an adventure filled with experiences; each cigar its own experience to create such an adventure, both pleasant and sometimes not so much, but an adventure nonetheless. I have been blessed enough in the past years to work alongside rollers from Cohiba, blenders from Padron and manufacturers both large and small to learn more and better understand the world of cigars. Although I do have some personal favorites, I love trying new and unique cigars from every part of the world. My hope is that I can share my experiences with you throughout this beautiful adventure that we share in enjoying cigars. Cheers, my friends!

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