David Hall

Well, as the site has grown I figured it would only be right for me to divulge further into myself and let you all know a bit more. My name is David and I lived in St. Louis, Missouri – Specifically South County which is about 15 to 20 minutes South of the city but recently moved out to O’fallon Missouri which is about 45 minutes West, North West of the city. I am 27 years old so I’m still a pup, but I do have my Bachelors Degree in Information System Security (Network Security) so basically I’m your white hat hacker, well – maybe gray – but my point being I don’t make web pages but I’m trying my best ha-ha!

I have been smoking cigars off and on since mid 2003 but actually turned it into a regular habit somewhere in 2007. I am fairly new to the cigar world but feel that perhaps I can put that spark back in for some of the veterans, pull out some flavors some may have gotten used to and allow the kids my age and even younger that cigars are something that can easily be enjoyed by any age (legal smoking age of course!). I have to comment though, it does seem that even in the few years that I have been involved with cigars, the audience has opened to the younger community and has not looked back – can never have enough new blood.

As always, please send me any and all feedback!

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