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That’s right – the Achievements contest is back! For those who entered last year, the rules and achievements have changed a bit. For those new to the game – I originally started the Achievements as a way for all of us to earn those all too important ‘bragging rights’. Being a part of the CGAR clan on Xbox ( group of us who play Call of Duty ) setting up an Achievement section almost fell right into place so running with that idea, I have created a number of cigar related ‘challenges’ – the harder the challenge the more points it is worth. Just like last year, please be sure to contact me if you have any challenges you want us to add because if it is added its worth a 3-5 pack of cigars!

But like all things – we do have . . .


1. All Achievement submissions must be sent by photograph – you can send them via Email, Twitter or Facebook but it must be a picture.

2. All pictures must be recent – only photographs after April 15th, 2012 will be accepted. I do check Meta Data and if I can not verify it, it does not count.

3. You can group achievements together into a single submission ( Forgetful and Back to Front for example )

4. It is easy to cheat on some of these, I ask you to please not cheat though – no fun in cutting corners. Honor system everyone

5. HAVE FUN! This is meant to be a fun contest and win a bunch of cigars, not to be taken too serious!

~ Please send your pictures to my e-mail address –, Twitter or Facebook account.

~ Also, check out the Achievement Scoreboard to see how everyone is doing and their ‘picture proof’!


Proper Burial
- Give your cigar a proper burial

- Play a match of Call of Duty with a CGAR clan member

Its A Trap!
- Smoke any Dutch Master, Black and Mild, Grey Owl, Swisher or other cigar that has been machine made AND sold in a 7-11, convenience store or local ‘grab and go’ establishment. It must have the words ‘Quality’ or ‘Premium’ on the box or the wrapper.

Your Stash
- Photograph where you keep your cigars

King Chicken
- While smoking a mild or medium cigar, hold up a full body cigar proving you were just too chicken to smoke it

In The Man Cave
- Take a picture of your “Man Cave”

Beer Me
- Smoke a cigar while having a beer

- Show the receipt from your latest cigar purchase

Your On Candid Camera
- Picture of you smoking a cigar during an online herf

- Smoke a cigar while ‘meditating’

Boutique Cigar Challenge
- Smoke 2 boutique cigars in one day

The Hippie Achievement
- Smoke a cigar and give your best hippie impression

The Forgetful Achievement
- Nub a cigar without removing the band

The Hulk
- Smoke a cigar while lifting weights

Back To Front Achievement
- Cut the head and light, smoking the cigar through the foot

Man Up
- Carry at least 5 boxes of cigars at one time

Always Time To Study
- While smoking a cigar or pipe, proudly display your Tobacconist University Book

Across The Airwaves
- Have a cigar while watching or listening to a cigar related broadcast

Loving The Ladies
- Smoke a cigar while having a woman ( or man ) on your arm

Just 5 More Minutes!
- Smoke a cigar while playing a video game

Howling At The Moon
- Smoke a cigar with the moon in the background

Location: On The Green
- Smoke a cigar while on a golf course

Location: On The Edge
- Smoke a cigar on top of a building

Location: The Whip
- Smoke a cigar in a car

Location: On The Street
- Smoke a cigar next to a street sign




Double Ash Achievement
- Smoke two cigars at the same time

The Cut Achievement
– Smoke three cigars of the same blend with three different types of cuts

Rock Out
- Play an instrument while smoking a cigar

The Reaper
- Smoke a ‘Dead’ cigar

Sleep Attack
- Make it appear that someone who is asleep is smoking a cigar

- Smoke a cigar while wearing your most sophisticated outfit

The Flamer Achievement
- Light three cigars with three different types of flame (Jet, soft flame, match, etc)

Bombs Away!
- Photograph of you sending out a Cigar Bomb

Destroy The Evidence
- Light a cigar with the receipt from your latest purchase

In The Eyes Of The Law
- While smoking a cigar, have a police officer or their vehicle in the background

Poker Problem
- Have a cigar while playing a game of poker

Unspeakable Act
- Share a cigar with the same sex

Xikar Series
– Smoke HC Series Connecticut Shade, Criollo and Habano Colorado all in one day!

Dressed For Success
- Wear the same swagg as the cigar you are smoking

A Taste Of Royalty
- Smoke the Arturo Fuente King B, King T and Queen B in a single day. Simple as that!

The Cleaner
- Make a cigar ash mess big enough that you would rather hire someone else to clean up

Soak Up The Rays
- Have a cigar while on vacation

Theory Of Evolution
- Smoke a cigarillo, petite corona/robusto and then a churchill




Location Champion
- Complete all Location achievements

The Contraband Weekend Achievement
– Smoke Cuban Cigars all weekend

Mental Illness
- Prepare your favorite cigar to be smoked and destroy it without taking even one puff of it.

No Time
- Smoke a 3 hour + cigar

CAO Sopranos Achievement
– Smoke all sizes of the CAO Sopranos Line – the Associate, Soldier, Boss and Tony Soprano (no time constraint)

The Chief
– Smoke Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 Gran Consul, La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel, Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo Pesadilla, La Flor Dominicana Ddouble Ligero 660 in a single sitting!!

You Guys Really Are NUTS!
- Go to your humidor and smoke that ‘special’ or rare cigar!



Please feel free to enter in your own achievements and we will add them to the list!

Achievement Sponsors

~ The Cigar Nut Himself!

20 cigars from my personal stash – Mixed Mild, Medium, Full body – Cuban and non-Cuban

Smoke Inn Cigars

Smoke Inn Survival Kit and a Box of My Father El Hijo

General Cigars

To Be Announced

Commonwealth Cedar Spills


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Keep an eye on this list because it is constantly growing.

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