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Achivement Winner!

The Cigar Nut

Thats it – its over – put your cigars down, the contest has an official winner! After a couple months, hundreds of submissions and a few ‘did they really just do that’ moments, the contest is over. I’ve said it before, but you all have really amazed me with the number of submissions as well as the interaction from the viewers. But – enough rambling from me, the big thing – who won the damn contest?!

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Tomorrow Is The Last Day For The Achivement Contest!

The Cigar Nut

That is right – the contest that never ends is finally coming to an end! I am very impressed by the number of submissions and the frequency from the top 5, I don’t think I went a single day without a submission coming through and the past week has been… busy to say the least. Wednesday alone I had 16 different submissions! To say thank you to those who have contributed, watched and spread the word would be a grave injustice to them. Lots of time, money and energy was put up in order to make this happen and for us all to enjoy and again – thank you! Because of that, everyone who has submitted a completed Achievement up till this point will be receiving some cigars. I am not sure how many or which ones just yet, but I want to properly return the gesture.

Couple more achievements pictures and don’t forget about the grand prize!

Achievement Sponsors

~ The Cigar Nut Himself!

20 cigars from my personal stash – Mixed Mild, Medium, Full body – Cuban and non-Cuban

Smoke Inn Cigars

Smoke Inn Survival Kit and a Box of My Father El Hijo

Commonwealth Cedar Spills


Crystal Ashtray

Achievement Contest: Over This Saturday!

The Cigar Nut

Hell yeah – the contest is almost over! I am still amazed at the response – over 200 submissions, 12,000 page views and an email almost every single day from someone. Not going to lie – pretty impressed everyone! Just because of that, I think I am going to run another contest after the achievements are done… I have not figured out all the specifics but its going to be a quick, easy 5 or 10 pack give away. Anyway – check out the Achievement Scoreboard for more details!

Anyhoo – just a couple pics of some of my favorite submissions – there is still enough time for anyone to win!

Achievement Leader

First Place Ricky B with 157 points!!

Second Place Michael T with 145 points

Third place Andy K with 129 points

Down To 12 Days On The Achievement Contest!

The Cigar Nut

Thats right – Can you believe it, the Achievement contest is almost over! Saturday, June 30th will be the last day I am accepting achievement contest submissions and the winner will be announced July 1st. Even down to these last couple weeks, I am still getting submissions almost every day so if your just now catching onto the contest – you still have time to win!

Some, but not all prizes!

Last 30 Days For Achievements!

The Cigar Nut

Yes – you read that right, we are finally getting down to the last 30 days before the Achievements contest will be over. I have been very happy with the results, over 100 submissions and two people who have been fighting tooth and nail for the lead position! Here is just a teaser of some of their most recent updates. Ricky is sitting in 1st place with 127 points while Andy is right on his heels!

Andy K

Ricky B

Also don’t forget the prizes!

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