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Cigar Bandits – The Great Change

**I started with the intentions of writing a very bland – to the point, informational Press release but somewhere around the 2nd or 3rd revision, it took on a life of its own. Written with honesty, love and a hell of a lot cheaper than a therapy session – I hope you enjoy.

The whole thing started as a joke – without true intent – a passing comment between myself and a good friend during one of many discussions on business and life. How strange it is to have something drift into your mind as if placed there by divine intention, by destiny or maybe it was just in that special moment between a few and too many beers. This thought changed from something ‘fun’ into something that not only drove me – but defined a specific time in my life.

I am a firm believer that a person’s energy resonates within what they put their heart and soul into. We have all experienced someone or something that ‘stands out’ for no other reason than it ‘seems’ different – hell the Cigar Industry and Community is full of characters offering very very similar items yet they seem to resonate with certain individuals on different levels. Looks, feel, smell, story, interaction… It’s the most simple occurrence to witness yet the most difficult experience to explain.

Many of you experienced Cigar Bandits during it’s infancy – sure the prices were good enough to have manufacturers and fellow retailers ask ‘how can you do that?’ or wonder who I am bribing – but the whole reason I got into the business was to help out the Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf. I always have and always will do the cigar review thing – along the way I’ve made a lot of friends, a few connections and felt the love of the leaf. There was no question I had to give back to the community.

DAvid Cats Fest

While I started The Cigar Nut in June of 2009, it wasn’t until August 25th of 2013 ( damn… it still feels like last month ) that I purchased the domain and started getting to work. From hand written thank you notes to going to a festival to shake hands and give out hundreds of cigars to including free cigars in almost every order to even the most simple act of listening and trying to help a fellow human being to experience cigars – I sincerely hope each of you know it truly was a labor of love, I enjoyed every minute and promise I will be back with another project and of course The Cigar Nut will always live on!

As many of you know ( although I thought it was a lot more! ) I am no longer directly associated with Cigar Bandits day to day operations. I still have a vested interest in the company but I have taken a step forward to focus on my career of Information System and Network Security and get a few more years of use out of that degree I’m still paying off haha! Maybe I’ll play with the others in the market when I’m not a generation or two younger!

You create something from nothing. Like a child, you nurture them, teach them and try to guide them the best you can. Sometimes they fall and skin their knee, sometimes they come home with a gold star on their homework. At the beginning of this year some experienced slow shipping times as the logistical center was transitioning from my basement to Florida. I will always have my heart in Cigar Bandits but for most intents and purposes, I am behind the scenes now.

Again to every customer, reader, viewer, Brother and Sister of the Leaf – the past year of my life truly was a dream come true and I want to personally thank each of you for making it a reality.

Sincerely, Thank You.

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