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Drew Estate : Apology For Previous Post

I want to apologize directly to The Drew Estate Company, Jonathan Drew personally and all of the good employees of Drew Estate. The information we published earlier is not fully correct and should not have been published.

I spoke with Jonathan Drew directly and he has accepted my heartfelt apology. I love cigars, I love being part of the community and apologize for this.

The Cigar Nut Staff

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6 thoughts on “Drew Estate : Apology For Previous Post

  1. Blast

    Love that you wrote this apology in 1st person but then signed it “The Cigar Nut Staff.” Perhaps the real offender should OWN their OWN words and sign it sincerely with THEIR name and not shift the blame to the “entire staff.”

    Way to be shifty, shady folks.

  2. Kwyjibo Sal

    Max wrote the original post…I’d like the apology to come from him!

  3. Frito Laye

    why not get off jonathon Drews nuts and stick to your words?

  4. arrogantburner

    Should make sure its right before posting. What kind of journalism is this?

  5. Gary

    The Present Day, Normal kind. In everyone’s rush to scoop the next guy, the verification of facts seem to be a forgotten art anymore.

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