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Undercrown Manifesto 1 Cigar Review 

Cigar Review: Undercrown Manifesto

Undercrown Manifesto (AKA “Liga Krump”) The Undercrown Manifesto is a very unique cigar with an equally unique origin. In January of 2013, John Krump, a fellow Brother of the Leaf, just like you and I, purchased an antique German cigar mold off of Craigslist. Upon acquiring the mold, he posted a photo of it on a cigar oriented Facebook group to share his excitement about his new find. Among dozens of comments on the photo, Jonathan Drew, of Drew Estate mentioned that he was very interested in the mold and…

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Montecristo-Vintage-Connecticut-closed-box News 

Cigar News: Altadis U.S.A. Announces Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut

With more momentum being built up before the 2015 IPCPR show, companies are starting to release a little more information here and there. Altadis U.S.A. recently announced that their long loved Montecristo White will be taking on a few changes and will be releasing their “Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut”. Altadis has confirmed that the orignal Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper will be replaced by a 2008 Connecticut River Valley grown wrapper that was actually grown on Altadis’ own farm. The Nicaraguan binder remains while the previous Dominican and Nicaraguan filler mix…

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IMG_0312 Cigar Review 

Cigar Review: 1502 Emerald

1502 is a cigar brand under the umbrella of Nicaraguan based company Global Premium Cigars(GPC).  1502 and GPC is owned by Enrique Sanchez who is proud of his Nicaraguan heritage, hence 1502, the year Columbus discovered Nicaragua.  1502 currently has 4 lines, the Emerald, Ruby, Black Gold, and 1502 Nicaragua.  These cigars get their names from the finest of goods that were traded and considered items of high value, and still are today. Each line is distinctly different and brings a uniquely enjoyable experience.  1502 also has two brick and…

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IMGP7971 Cigar Review 

Cigar Review: Caldwell “Yellow Cake”

Behind The Stick: In our world of cigars, there are a few things that manufacturers can do to really give us that ‘personal’ experience with their product. One of my favorite of these methods are the event exclusive cigars – not necessarily “you have to be here on the 8th at 6pm to get them” but more of something the company gives out on a regular basis over a few month duration. A few different companies have adopted this bonus item to patrons of events and I have to admit,…

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20150317_092701 Cigar Review 

Cigar Review: Illusione Fume D’Amour

Fume D’Amour, “Smoke of Love,” is the latest release from Dion Giolito and Illusione Cigars.  This line was released at the 2014 IPCPR as a new core line to the brand.  The cigar is made at the TABSA factory of Casa Fernandez fame.  This is a change for Illusione which were formerly produced in Honduras.  This cigar has been produced using only viso and seco leafs, a lower priming on the tobacco plant, and no ligero at all.  This cigar is supposed to bring enough balance of strength while still…

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20150120_110551 Cigar Review 

Cigar Review: Nat Sherman Epoca

In 2014 Nat Sherman continued with it’s recent reputation for releasing quality cigars with the Epoca. The Epoca is a re-release of the original line from Nat Sherman. The Epoca was initial brought out around 1930 by the New York City cigar company. The original Epoca also featured Cuban tobacco, obviously the “new” Epoca does not. Like most recent Nat Sherman releases, the Epoca is manufactured by the Quesada Family in the Dominican Republic. The original Epoca featured a Clear Havana wrapper, today the modern version is an Ecuadorian Connecticut….

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